Account Manager - Almkhtar

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Damascus
  • 09/05/2024

Job Description

 Initiate and conduct visits to potential clients to introduce our services and onboard them as trial business accounts

 Regularly follow up with each clientmi either through visits or phone calls, to ensure their satisfaction with the services provided

Schedule annual visits to clients for contract renewal and explore opportunities for upselling additional services

Proactively identify opportunities to upsell additional services to existing clients, maximizing revenue potential

Gather and leverage client feedback for continuous improvement, and propose new services tailored to the needs of existing clients


Job Requirements

Education  A bachelors degree in business or a related field is preferred

Experience  2-5 years of experience in account management or sales

Sales Skills Strong sales abilities for upselling and cross  selling

Communication Skills Strong verbal and written communication skills

 Relationship Building Ability to build and maintain positive client relationships

Problem Solving  Skill in identifying and solving issues

Organization and Time Management Well organized with effective time management

Analytical Skills Ability to analyze data for insights