head of accounts - Ibtikar

  • Accounting / Finance
  • Damascus
  • 13/05/2024

These are requirements

Bachelors degree in marketing business administration or a related field

Proven experience (typically 3 5 years) in marketing, advertising or a similar role

Strong project management skills with the ability to oversee multiple campaigns simultaneously

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively collaborate with the accounts team clients and other departments

Experience in developing and managing marketing budgets

Proficiency in tracking and analyzing campaign performance using various metrics and tools

Ability to generate comprehensive reports and present findings to clients in a clear and concise manner

Demonstrated ability to build and maintain strong client relationships

Strong understanding of marketing principles and strategies

Ability to problem solve and resolve client issues or concerns promptly and professionally

Experience working collaboratively with creative and production teams to execute marketing campaigns effectively

Familiarity with media planning and analytics is a plus

Leadership skills to mentor and train the accounts team effectively

Work with the accounts team to develop and implement marketing campaigns that meet the clients goals and objectives

Oversee the development of all marketing materials such as ads landing pages and social media content

Coordinate the execution of marketing campaigns across all channels Develop and manage project budgets for all client campaigns

Track project spending and make adjustments as needed

Ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget Track and measure the results of marketing campaigns using a variety of metrics such as website traffic leads generated and sales

Generate reports that summarize the results of marketing campaigns and provide recommendations for improvement

Present the reports to clients and discuss the